How To Keep Your Dog Safe In Your Backyard

When you own a dog, you might like to keep it indoors during inclement weather or when you can't be there to supervise it, but what about when you want your dog to get exercise and fresh air? There will be lots of times when you need to let the dog out, whether supervised or not. Here are some important ways to keep the dog safe in your own backyard.

Put Up a Dog Fence and Gate

It is important that when you let your dog out, it can only stay in your backyard. If you have a large open space in your backyard, you may want to keep the dog in a confined area. You can create your own dog run by installing a dog fence in the lawn. This lets you control how much space your dog remains in, lets it go potty and play in the grass, but you know it is kept safe. Also consider putting up a larger fence and gate around the entire backyard if you have an open field behind your house or your main fence is a metal one, where your small dog can still get through it. The fence can also be used to keep the dog out of certain areas instead of in, such as away from the garden.

Provide Adequate Shelter

When you let your dog out, you might not be there to bring it inside if it starts raining or the temperature heats up. In this case, it is good to have some shelter for your dog in case it needs it. You can get a dog house for the yard that has blankets, water, and food to provide the essentials it needs while being outside. If you have room on a covered patio, it also helps to set up an area for your dog there. Put a large crate in a corner of the patio where your dog can go inside to get warm and stay safe until you get home.

Be Careful What You Plant

While it is great to have a backyard full of beautiful plants and flowers, some of them might be toxic to your dog. For example, aloe vera plants are amazing for medicinal purposes, but they can be toxic if your dog eats the leaves. Some other plants you shouldn't leave out for your dog to eat include an African wonder tree, alocasia, milkweed, ivy, and lilies. You also need to be careful about fruits and vegetables that are bad for your dog to consume, such as apples and tomatoes. 

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