How To Create The Perfect Dog House

Your dog is part of the family, and everyone needs to get used to it: even your second cousin who thinks dogs in the house are unsanitary. You love your pet and want them to be totally comfortable and happy. Although they already think of the house as theirs, they may also benefit from having a place of their own. If you are considering building a doghouse, you need to take your pet's needs and your style into consideration.


One mistake many dog owners make is to build a doghouse that is too big. Pets want to feel cozy, and their bodies cannot heat a doghouse that has too much space. Experts suggest that the doghouse should be three inches wider than your dog on all sides and four to six inches taller than your dog's shoulders. Anything larger will make it hard for your dog to generate enough heat to stay warm. If you have a puppy, you will want to build the house for [the] size your dog will be in adulthood. You can use an online chart to get a good idea of your pup's eventual size. Until your pup reaches that size, the doghouse should serve only as a place to play. If you are having an indoor doghouse built, then you want to keep it from taking over an entire room. Dogs don't mind smaller spaces. Many choose to curl up in corners and other small areas when given the choice.


In reality, your dog doesn't need many features to stay comfortable, but you can certainly add many luxuries if you wish. Although your dog really only needs a nice pad to sleep on, you can invest in expensive foam dog beds that compete with the comfort of your own bed. If your dog will actually be living outside in the doghouse, you can consider adding a heating and cooling system. You do need to be careful with the heating, however. Dogs generate a lot of warmth on their own, and their hair is meant to protect them from the elements. You can easily end up overheating your pet. You can also install special flaps for the entryway to keep out the elements.


The doghouse's style is limited only by your imagination and your budget. You can build the standard Snoopy-styled doghouse, or you can build your dog a cute little cabin. If you wish, you can make the top of the doghouse a deck for your dog. Some folks have a doghouse constructed that looks like the main house. Although your dog probably won't appreciate the effort, humans may really enjoy seeing a miniature version of your home in the backyard.

You have many options when you have a doghouse created for your pet. Once you've met your pet's needs, you can go crazy on the style. You should end up with a doghouse both you and your dog will enjoy. Contact a business, such as Your New Puppy LLC, for more information.