Tips To Cut Down On Shedding

Dogs usually shed twice per year, once in the spring and again in the fall. This shedding is a part of life for a dog, but some dogs will shed all year long and you'll find fur tumbleweeds all over your home. You can cut down on the amount of shedding by following the tips below.

Use Oils

Oil can help improve your dog's coat and keep his skin moisturized. This can cut down on shedding. Add some oil to your dog's food and mix it together. You can use coconut, fish or even olive oil. Add about a teaspoon to your dog's food and watch his skin and coat look and feel healthier, his coat feel softer and less shedding around your home.

Change Food

Change your dog's food to one that will cut down on shedding. Look for food that is high in protein and healthy fats.  Read the labels on your dog's food for more information. Talk to your veterinarian about which type of food you should use for your particular dog.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Give your dog plenty of water throughout the day to keep his skin healthy and hydrated. Dry skin or fur can cause the fur to fall out at a much faster rate. Keep your dog's fur and skin hydrated. Allow your dog to have plenty of water by keeping water in his bowl at all times. Be sure to empty and clean the bowl often and give him fresh water.

Bathe Your Dog

Give your dog baths every month to help remove some of the shedding fur. In winter months, cut back on the amount of baths you give your dog, as it can dry out his skin. Use shampoo that can help hydrate his skin and coat without drying it out. Take your dog to a groomer to have him bathed if you aren't able to do it yourself, or if your dog gives you a hard time about bathing. 

Brush Your Dog

Brush your dog's coat often to get rid of shedding fur. Use a brush made for dogs or you can use a deshedding glove, such as from Hands On Gloves, which is an easy way to get rid of that fur. Simply wipe the glove along your dog's coat, then peel the fur off of the glove. It's easy to use and great for dogs that shed quite a bit. You can find one of these gloves at your local pet store.

Your dog is going to shed, but if it's overwhelming and your home is coated in your dog's fur, follow the tips above to help cut back on the amount of shedding.