2 Important Reasons To Purchase A Service Dog Vest For Your Service Dog

If you have a service dog of your own that helps you, it is very important that they not only act the part, but also look the part. One aspect of looking the park, is to have a service dog vest. While these are sometimes provided by the foundation that you purchased your service dog from, this is not always the case. You may need to get online and purchase your dog a vest yourself, that is the proper size and fit for your dog. Just keep in mind that you may need to present some kind of verification before purchasing the vest so as to ensure that your dog is an actual service dog. This article will discuss 2 important reasons to purchase a service dog vest for your service dog. 


Perhaps one of the most important reasons to ensure that your service dog has a vest is to identify him or her as a service dog. If you were to take your dog into a store or other public location without their service vest on, you may get asked to take your animal out of the store because pets are not allowed. This can be frustrating for you because you obviously need your service dog, and you will have to stop and explain that they are a service dog and likely present some kind of proof, like the certificate received when your dog completed service dog training. If your dog has the vest on when in public, then people will not stop and question you, and if they do, you have a nice pocket where you can keep your dog's certification right in the vest. 


Attached to the service dog vest is a harness that you will need to attach either a leash or a handle to. It is this leash or handle that you will use to take your dog places with you. While most service dogs are not going to try and run off, no matter what the situation may be, you still need to have a leash on them. The leash or other supportive device may be to help you walk and see where you are going if you are blind. The dog may also offer your support, along with a cane, if you sometimes have a difficult time walking on your own. No matter what the case may be, the vest ensures that you have a proper attachment sight for this. 

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