Common Questions About No Bark Collars Hunters Often Want Answered

Taking your dog hunting can be a great bonding experience as well as making it easier for you to track and retrieve prey. In order to make sure that your dog is as effective as possible when hunting, it is necessary to regularly train the animal. To this end, a no bark collar may be a wise investment for you to make, and you will better understand this once you know more about these training aids.

Why Would A Hunter Need To Invest In A No Bark Collar?

An unruly and loud dog can make social situations awkward, but it can utterly destroy your ability to successfully hunt prey. Barking from a dog will scare the vast majority of prey animals away from your area. Unfortunately, some people assume that there is nothing that can be done to stop a dog from barking.

Yet, bark control collars can be an excellent way of training your dog to be quiet when hunting. During your regular training exercises with your dog, you should have it wear the no bark collar. When the dog barks, the collar can startle the dog so that it learns to stop barking when you are hunting.

Do All Of These Collars Use Electricity To Train The Dog?

There is a common misconception that no-bark collars all utilize electricity to cause painful shocks to the dog. However, this is not the case as the electricity is generally too low to cause pain to the animal. Rather, it simply startles the dog and acts as an irritant.

For those that are still skeptical of using electric collars, there are options that use unpleasant scents to train the dog not to bark. Typically, these scents will be spray close to the dog's nose for maximum impact, and while it will be unpleasant to the dog, its effects will quickly fade. Due to a dog's sensitive sense of smell, this can be a highly effective training solution.

How Do You Control These Collars?

Bark control collars can typically be controlled in one of two ways. Automatic collars will detect when the dog barks and activate. These collars can be ideal for situations where you are training the dog to completely avoid barking during hunting trips. However, if you need your dog to bark to indicate it has found prey, you will want to use a manual collar. These collars have a remote, which will allow you to activate the collar when your dog barks at inappropriate times. For more information regarding dog related hunting supplies, contact businesses such as