Moving Long-Distance With Your Cat? 5 Things To Bring Along

While it is easy to discuss moving with your significant other or explain it to your kids, you cannot bring your pets into the conversation. If you are planning on moving a long distance away, you will need to get creative to make sure your cat does not become overly stressed during the move. To accomplish this goal, you should get your hands on some essential cat supplies (from an outlet such as Mid Cape Pet and Seed Supply, Inc.) that will help you and them.

Large Carrier

A small carrier may be fine for taking them on a quick ride to the vet, but you do not want them to be cramped in one that does not allow them to stretch and move around on a long drive. It is best to get a large carrier with an extra bonus to ones that open from the front and the top to allow for easy access. 

Disposable Litter Boxes

It is not realistic to park at rest stops to let your cat relieve themselves, especially for safety reasons. Although the chance of them escaping is slim, you do not want to take this kind of risk during a move. The easiest solution is to get disposable litter boxes that you can put inside the carrier with your cat. It might be strange for them to get used to, but it gives them an option to go to the bathroom and stay clean.

Comfortable Litter

When your cat is in a carrier with a disposable litter box, you want the litter to at least be comfortable for them. This means avoiding scented litter as it can be irritating for your cat when in such close contact. A soft textured litter is best, which you can get with clay, wheat, or corn.

Catnip Toys

It depends on if your cat likes catnip, but it can help keep them calm before, during, and after the move. Ideally, you should replenish a toy with fresh catnip before each day of driving to get the best response.

Cat Pheromone Plug-In

Cat pheromones have been proven to help alleviate stress in cats. It is not a fool-proof solution, but you should use it in conjunction with catnip and creating cat-friendly stations at each hotel. A small space with basic essentials is good enough, such as a bathroom that you can open and close. Using the pheromone plug-in at your old house, each hotel, and at the new house will help to alleviate their stress.

Long-distance moving is tough, especially with a cat, but you can make it better for the both of you by getting supplies that make your cat comfortable and as stress-free as possible.