Adopting Your First Puppy? 4 Things To Order Online Before You Pick Them Up

Puppies are cute and rambunctious, loving and destructive, and they need a lot of care from their owner. So, it is up to you to provide your first puppy with a happy and healthy home as soon as you get them. Although you can head to a local pet store to get the things you need, you will have a larger selection online, so it is ideal to start shopping early and get the essentials well before bringing them home. It is important to understand what kind of basic items you need before their arrival.

Short Food and Water Bowls

Whether you are getting a small breed or large breed, they are all going to start out fairly small. As a result, you need to get short food and water bowls to keep them from having reach problems. These will likely need to be replaced in the near future, but they can always serve as backup dishes, especially on trips.

If you want to start your puppy out with positive eating habits, you should consider introducing a slow feed bowl that prevents them from scarfing down their food in a matter of seconds. It is also possible to introduce interactive feeders that provide exercise and stimulation in exchange for their meal.

Healthy Puppy Food

As soon as you bring your puppy home, you want to feed them the best diet possible. What they eat plays an important role in their growth and determining their health down the line. For instance, too little or excessive calcium can lead to bone issues in dogs, which is exactly what you want to avoid. The best puppy foods, as well as dog foods in general are high in meat-based protein and natural fats and low in carbs.

Small Waste Bags

Because it may take a while for your puppy to become housetrained, you should get waste bags immediately. Introducing your dog to the outdoors and going for walks early on will help to properly socialize them. He easiest way to pick up after a dog is to put your hand in the waste bag, grab the stool, and then pull your hand back to seal it within the bag, which you can then tie up and throw away.

Dog Carrier and Kennel

Whether you want to train your puppy to sleep in a crate or not, you should get them a carrier and kennel. The kennel is perfect for when you want to keep them in a confined area for a period of time, such as when you are getting professional service or cleaning up part of the home with chemicals. The carrier will come in handy for getting them to appointments, especially if they are shy or nervous.

Ordering puppy supplies online is an easy way to get everything you need without leaving your house. Contact a business, such as Scrappys Corner, for more information.